Waiting Maybe the Best Thing Ever

We all have an idealized version of how we want our futures to be. We all have ideas that we hope to put to use one day. It can be as simple as a type of dog that you want to buy, I want a husky, or the city that you would love to live in one day. Girls get a serious dose of this their whole lives. From a young age we play house and pretend to be married. We think of what we want at our weddings and what we want in a future husband for as long as we remember. I feel like it is getting more serious now with the internet at our disposal in almost all devices. Websites like Pinterest opens all sorts of avenues for it by connecting people with all these ideas. I am just as guilty of it but a majority of the girls that I know have a board for that one special day in the future. 


We may laugh about this but it is a true thing that is going on with girls my age. Can I be honest that I do find Pinterest is fun because of being able to see all these ideas and think about what I would want in my eventual wedding. The thing about it is that it isn’t all fun. I have days where I get very frustrated with it. It irritates me to no end. The only way that I can explain it is that the board that I made of all the things that I want are taunting me as I am nowhere near getting to have them. I look on there with such anticipation for the day that I get to live them and then look at my life now. I’m a single girl. I have no boyfriend or the like and most days I am ok with it. There are days though that I wish that I could just find the right person and move on with my life. I just want to have that dream wedding and get to start a family in the perfect house.

That is exactly why I’m not ready. I am not ready to be a wife and mother as much as I want to be. It pains me a lot to say that in a way that many may not understand. My whole life that was the only thing that I knew that I wanted. I knew that I wanted to be a mother and wife. That was the only things in my life that was a certain to me, so for me to have to admit that I’m not ready for role is heartbreaking but true. I’m not ready because I am more in love with the idea of marriage then actually finding the right man for me. I am ready for the perfect life that I have designed for myself and whoever is lucky enough to come with me. However it goes deeper then that though, in the above life that I have talked about did I even mention God once? Nope. Not even a little bit.

I forgot God in my perfect life. I am an acting Christian and I forgot Him. I am not ready for marriage because I am not nearly in love with God that I should be before I try to bring in another man to love. How can I love a sinner like myself when I haven’t fallen in love with the loving God that has never once hurt me. Think about the logic in that. I haven’t gotten the relationship that I could have had by now with the God that has loved me since before I was born and has only done things for my own good. By that same token I want to commit my life to a sinner who WILL at some point hurt me whether he means to or not.

Until I can live to the commitment that I gave God I have no place giving a commitment to another flawed human-being. While there are days that I get really frustrated with this I am so grateful for it. I know that may sound crazy. However just imagine if I jumped into a marriage right now. It would crash because I am not prepared for it yet, I’m still working on it right now. Now I’m not saying that I will ever get things perfect but what I am saying that as a Christian I am to put my love and devotion to God first. Until I am in a certain place in my relationship with God I will never get the blessings out of marriage that I am supposed to get.

So right now I’m waiting. I’m sure there are many girls out there that are struggling with this right now. I think of it as a blessing however. I am getting to take the time to get ready for my perfect man. God promises that He has such great plans for each of us and I cling to that daily. This time of preparation is teaching me what I need for the future and I get to spend time with the Lord figuring out my own issues for now. I am going to trust Him on this one and I truly believe that waiting for His promises is one of the best things that I could ever do. After all if we where to dis-guard  His plan it’s us who loses out on His favor not He who loses out on ours. 


So girls waiting for that special guy still, spend this time working on your relationship and bettering yourself. That man will come around at the perfect time that God appointed, plus I have always been told that when you find that man you will just know.

Much Love

Emily Grace



Why the constantly “New kid” needs Jesus.

Everyone who went to school has met a few of those kids that moved to the school for only a year or so and then moved again. This could be the Navy brats, those whose parents worked jobs that moved around a lot in general or those kids whose parents have a gypsy soul that never truly settled anywhere they lived.

I moved a lot as a child. I would have to say I have moved over 15 times in my life and I am only 19. I attended 5/6 elementary schools, 2 middle schools and 3 high schools. I know those numbers seem crazy. Believe me they sound crazy to me as well. Sometimes we moved for good  reasons, such as my mother was married to a man in the Navy and we followed him to his new base a couple of times when I was little. Other times we moved not for the best reasons on my mothers side. Through it all though, I know what it’s like to move across country, across the state and what it is like to leave everything you have ever known behind.

I have started at new schools over and over. I have walked into the class while it’s still in session and had everyone stare at me like they do in the movies. I have had to struggle to make new friends everywhere that I went, made doubly because until middle school I was painfully shy. I have had to learn all new school cultures, curriculum and try to find friends. I would come into the middle of the year at some of these schools and be completely backwards to how the school before was and be at the same time be far behind in their curriculum with the possibility to not be able to catch up.   

Can I tell you how tired this life made me. It made me antsy. It made it so that if I was in one place for more then two years I felt the need to move again, which still plagues me to this day. I was tired of having to start over. Of moving everything in the house and having to give away my stuff cause there was no room. I don’t have very many mementos from my childhood as they would get lost in each move that we went through. I was so tired on never having consistency and not having a true home. I don’t have a real hometown as I never stayed long enough anywhere to get that title really.

Many would never think that this would affect a child who grows up in this type of situation. It shapes how you view a home, as I can never really say that I have found a true home yet. Not here on Earth anyway. I love my family and I still live with my dad but this isn’t home. I still get that feeling that I should be packing my bags and driving across the country to something new. It may sound silly but I felt like I didn’t have a true identity. I felt like I didn’t belong in any particular place. I had no idea about a real home, that was until I met God.

See Jesus has brought us into His home. He has given us each a home with Him for the rest of all eternity. See when Jesus came down not only did He save us from the sin that we have committed against Him but also offered a place with Him for all of eternity. He has a constant enough love to invite to live with Him forever.

That was a hard offer for me to understand before I became a believer. I had grown up in a home of non-consistency, both with moving but also how my mother was. I couldn’t understand the idea that I would have a forever home. You see though that it was exactly what I needed. I needed a place that I could always call home and Jesus provided that to us. 

However it is not just the constantly moving children or adults need. It is something that everyone in the world needs to hear. To understand that no matter what we do or where we go in our lives there is a God that loves us beyond belief that wants to share His existence with. He wants to be our rock and consistency in this life that changes everyday. See this isn’t our real home. This is temporary. We will one day be with the God of all ages. So I guess at that point we are all the “New kid”. We all need a home that will never move and never leave. It will always be there waiting for us to come home. To the home we were created for.


Much love,

Emily Grace


Why I choose to wear skirts.

Years ago I never would have pictured myself the way that I am now. I would have never thought myself to be a devout Christian, forsaking what a lot of people my age are involved and I never would have guessed that I would be going on the path of wearing skirts full time.  The place and background I came from would have ever made me think that I would have turned out this way. I am so grateful for the life that I have now and the choices that I have made including switching over to wearing skirts full time. One thing that surprised me was the amount of questions that I have been getting since I began the process of switching over.


(Both are from about 3 years ago, one showing too much leg and the other cleavage. Also forgive the toilet in the picture)

I grew up in a non-Christian home. I had no real idea who God was until I was already in my teens. I acted as the typical girl of my age: immodest, crude and bending the rules. I got myself into some trouble and eventually found myself in a church. I felt drawn to the idea of church and to this God that I knew nothing of except the harshness that He showed those who followed Him. I couldn’t understand the girls my age in the church, dressing so modestly. While the idea of modesty varied with the girl, the answer to why they dressed as such was “For my God” or “Because the Bible says so”. Can I be honest how much that put me off as a 14 year old. Why would I want to follow a God that restricted what kind of clothes I could wear. So what if I chose to show too much skin or show some cleavage? It was my body and I had the right to decide what I wanted to do with it.

Here I was though, sitting in a church surrounded by people that I didn’t understand. As I sat there over the coming months though I learned a lot. I learned a lot about everything, particularly the God that I had been pushing away for so long. Needless to say I committed my life to Christ that year and continued to learn about my place with the Lord. However over the next couple years I struggled with what my relationship with Christ had to do with the clothes that I chose to wear. So I went on wearing the same things that I always have.

There were two things that truly shook and changed my faith as well as what I chose to wear. During this time I felt drawn toward these blogs of modest women who home schooled, ran their households and wore skirts full time. I became fascinated with it and interested that they were still able to do everything that they had to do during the day. It didn’t completely click until I saw the Duggars. I saw how the girls in their family were not only be able to do everything that they needed to do but also looked fashionable and young at the same time. It provided me with the knowledge of what it could look like. The second thing was the fact that I actually was told that someone didn’t know I was a Christian. If that is not a wake up call for a Christian I don’t know what is. Being told that my behavior caused someone to question my following of Christ is a big deal and it changed everything. 

The older Duggar girls.

I understood then that the way I acted not only influenced how people looked at me but also how they viewed God. My acting immodest reflected back on God. I also learned that immodesty is not just dress but how you act. It opened my eyes to a whole new way to look at things. At that point I began on taming my tongue and acting more polite. I began to chose my clothes a little carefuller from then on, but was not full skirts.

The full skirts came about a year ago I began to change over to them. By this point I had studied modesty and learned that everyone had their own definition within the Church. I tried to find mine. As I  prayed with God I felt Him leading me toward wearing skirts full time. I made the choice to follow His lead and have not regretted it. I feel so much more comfortable now. I don’t worry about people seeing anything I don’t want them to and feel better in my own skin. He granted me confidence. I feel free to be present in what I do and with the people I have around. He asked us to be modest one so He could free us but also to show Him obedience as well as love. By following this simple wish that He had for me I show my love and respect for Him.

So why is it that I dress in skirts? One: I reflect how people look at God. Two: He asked us to stay modest in both our behavior and clothing. This shows both obedience and love for the Lord. Three: It’s far more comfortable and freeing then anything you could ever know. Am I saying that everyone has to dress this way? Absolutely not. This is between you and God. I have no right to judge as we determine the line of modesty for ourselves. For some it is just wearing loose jeans and for some it is wearing skirts full time. I think the most important thing is the heart behind it. If the heart shows modesty then it will shine through you.


How do you define modesty?


Much Love,

Emily Grace


Young Modesty

Hey Guys!

It has been a world wind week this past week as I have been on vacation in Connecticut with some family and won’t be home until late Wednesday night. I have been having so much fun seeing my family and just getting to relax. It has been absolutely freezing the last couple days getting down into the 20’s. I was unable to take Modest Monday pictures for today but I will show my airport outfit later this week. I thought that I would show some ideas for winter outfits to stay warm and modest.


Warm Modest Winter Outfit by christianmodesty on ..."Modest Fall Outfit" by christianmodesty ❤ liked on Polyvore

I love these outfits. They look so warm and so comfy against the cold weather. They also show two different ways to stay warm. One of them was a long sleeved shirt with a warm cardigan. The other has a really warm jacket paired with a heavy jean skirt. 

Bold Modesty with The Modest Mom"Modest Fall Outfit" by christianmodesty on ...

I love both of these outfits as well. The first one is courtesy of the lovely Caroline from themodestmomblog.com. She has a ton of awesome outfit ideas that she uses in every season as well as have an online store where she sells some of her stuff. Both of these outfits feature warm jackets and I love that the one on the right features a choice of different shirt. 

The main idea here is that it is very possible to stay warm and modest in the winter season. If you pair together outfits with long sleeved shirts, jackets and heavy skirts you can stay very warm. Also the accessories that you wear when you leave the house make a big difference. Wearing gloves, scarf and hat help keep the heat in. In really cold situations you can wear fleece lined leggings which are available at themodestmomblog.com. They are incredible and have kept me so warm while here in 20 degree weather.

How do you stay warm ans modest during the Winter?

Much love,

Emily Grace 


Do you show love?



(Picture Credit:PastorMikesCorner.blogspot.com)

I am going to be totally honest with everyone on here, I probably spend way too much time on the internet during the day. I get my stuff done all day and work all day. By the time I get home I just want to relax and that usually involves the internet. However I recently got the privilege to use my time on the internet to do some good and shed some light on what Christianity is for a person. 

When I am on the computer I usually end up going to all sorts of different websites, reading and commenting on whatever posts I come across. I happened to come across a website that features a lot of funny content from all over the internet and if you have it on the safe setting then it is safe for pretty much anyone over the age of 14 from what I have seen. While scrolling through this website I came across a post that was discussing Christianity.

While reading through the comments I found one person was particularly angry and very hateful towards Christians. I felt like I needed to reach out to this person. I did just that and as I talked to him, he became more civil towards me. The more that I talked to him the more that he explained why he had acted the way that he had before. He had been treated very badly by multiple Christians in the past, who had judged him and didn’t even bother to talk to him about what they believed.  I tried to be as kind to him as possible and answer any questions that he had. By the end of the conversation he told me that he had learned more about Christianity in the couple of messages we interchanged then with every other conversation he had ever had.

At the end of the of the conversation I both felt excited for the change I made in someones walk with God but also a sense of hurt as well. This person had been thrown off of a walk with God because of how someone had treated them. Not just anyone but a Christian. That hurt me to think that someone would treat someone like that and yet still claim to know the God that I know. As a Christian we are called to be like Christ. Christ when he came in contact with a sinner who was outside the faith never approached with the attitude of anger or hatred. 

Christ responded to everyone with love out of His heart. He even as he was being crucified responded with love. He not only forgave those who were killing Him but asked forgiveness for them as they did not understand what they were doing at the time. Beyond that He always explained to people why they needed to accept Him. He never merely old them that they were going to hell but also gave them parables to help them understand the choice that they had to make. He made it so that it was still their choice but also that when they talked about Him they would always remember that He was different then anyone they had ever met before and that He always lived up to the words that He had said.

We as Christians are called to live like Christ. We are called to respond in love and grace in all things. We are to forgive. We are to never be the reason why someone was chased away from the love of God because we couldn’t be the example of what it looks like. If we can’t show that love to them then how do we know that they will accept the love and offer of God.

How do you show your love to those around you? Any stories that you would like to share?

Much Love,

Emily Grace


Beyond the Screen

It is amazing the technology that we have now a days. I know that is pretty common knowledge but it really hit me while I was at the airport yesterday. I flew up to Connecticut to spend some time with my family and it took just at two hours to fly. It only took two hours to fly about a thousand miles. Thinking about that just boggles my mind. I believe it hits me so much because I have done that drive. I have done the drive from Connecticut to Georgia a couple of times. It takes at least 24 hours to do that drive. All that gets condensed into a short two hour flight. 

It amazes me how easy it is to communicate now a days, to be able to connect with those around you. You can call people from anywhere, video chat with them from anywhere and be able to make trips to see them that just over a hundred years ago it took months to do. I could take my cell phone and talk to me sister while she was in Germany for her band. 

Yet I am beginning to notice something that is happening in our culture and I don’t just mean in my generation. I am noticing it with people who are twice my age as well. We have all this amazing technology to talk to people whenever and wherever we want to. Yet we have such a hard time to connect. We have no problem texting people or possibly  talking to people but when we get face to face we freeze. We are losing our ability to just talk to each other with out a screen between us. 

Its amazing to me when I go out to dinner with friends how many people are on their cellphones instead of talking to people. I’ve seen people on dates completely ignoring each other while texting someone else. Now I’m not going to lie and say that I have never struggled with some of those problems but I have seriously trying to combat that. 

I think there is only one way to be able to combat this problem. We need to put our phones down a little more. There are a variety of ways to do this. My family has made the dinner table a no text zone, but if you get a call you are excused to answer it. I have heard of groups making a game out of it. They put all of their cellphones in the center of the table and whoever touched their phone first has to pay for the whole table. We need to focus on those who we are with now and not the text messages or games (which I’m guilty of). It’s about the priorities that we have. 

Remembering GPop

It is funny how life works sometimes. It always seems to me that when there are bad times that come around, God appoints good times to closely follow. I have been very lucky to have gotten to know my Great Grandparents on my Mom’s side. As a couple they were married for 70 years and at 90 years old my wonderful GPop passed away. Image

He was one of the kindest and humblest men that I have ever known. He was really quiet but when he did speak it mattered. When he did speak it was usually out of love. He loved his family, consisting of four children, fourteen grandchildren and thirteen  (soon to be fourteen) great-grandchildren. He had time to talk to all of us and he always made a point to make sure that we knew that he was glad we were there. He showed me what endless love looked like and always taught about the commitment in marriage.


I mentioned to you how he was humble, he was the absolute most humble man I have ever met. That is him at the ripe old age of 20 heading off for the Army during WW2 as a Paratrooper in the 517th Parachute Infantry. His group traveled all over Europe during the war and he moved up to Sergeant. The most well know victory that he fought in was Battle of the Bulge, the same battle that won him the Purple Heart  and Bronze Star for his actions.What amazes me about all of this is how tender of a spirit he had even after all he had seen in his lifetime but also how he never talked about any of this stuff. I never knew that he was a Purple Heart recipient.


This is one of my favorite family photos. It has my GG and GPop who were married for 70 years. It also has my Mom,Nana and me. This picture shows what he was all about, family and quality time. So here we are a month after he passed and my Nana remarried in this same house that you see in this picture. It was a time of love and family. I could feel him with us, happy for his daughter and happy that we could all have a happy moment as a family again. That is exactly what he would have wanted and God granted that to us. I am grateful for everyday that I had with him and for the fact that I know he is with God now in peace.

With much love,

Emily Grace

517th Parachute Infantry
517th Parachute Infantry

Young Modesty

Hey guys!

As you may know, I dress very modestly in general but in the last year have picked up wearing mostly skirts full time. I have had such a fun time learning about combinations and about the community that also follows these guidelines. In honor of that I am going to participate in my first ever Modest Monday. I plan on doing this each week and hopefully show what Young Adults or 20 Somethings can wear that is fashionable as well as modest. 

I took these pictures on Friday as I was going to our Church’s worship night and we were all dressed up anyway.


I dressed warm because it was rainy and cool outside. I love this top as it is warm enough for the chill outside but is really easy to roll up the sleeves and let you cool off if you get too warm.


We had a lot of fun getting to spend time as a family worshiping God and hearing some of our favorite songs. It was even better because I felt totally free to move around and not worry about showing too much skin.



What I wore:

Shirt:Old Navy

Skirt: Zulily

Boots: Rue 21

Scarf:Gift from mom

Make Up: Local Discount Store

Why should I give up control?



Up until recently I had a problem with releasing things. I held on to anything that was in my power to hold on to. I held on to pain,resentment,fear,grudges, and anything else that you could think of. I felt that if I lost my grasp on those things, I would lose who I was and not be able to go on with my life. Recently though I was able to give all those things up to God, and it has changed absolutely everything about how I live and how I feel. It’s a breakthrough that I could have only prayed for.

What causes us to hold on to these things that haunt us, cloud our judgement and keep us separated from God? For starters I believe our society has a major role in how we perceive the control and the release that we have. In our society we are taught that we need to be strong,to be able to hold our own, and to hold on to the grudges that we feel. Though feminism has done some good things, such as give us the right to vote, it has pushed women particularly into harder roles.It has pushed women into thinking that in order to compete with the men that they must be able to bottle everything up into themselves, as any release would discredit her. Beyond that there is also how our society views grudges. They love it, they love to see fights between people or to see the drama. They love to watch the destroying of friendships and families as they can’t move past their differences. In fact we are so attached to the carrying of resentment that our culture has now made divorce as popular as marriage.

Another thing that prompts us to hold on to the things weighing us down is our own pride. In any well off country it is easy to get to the point of not needing God. We on average live in better conditions then those that live in other parts of the world. While in that environment it is easy to get soaked up into being the God of your own life.  Why give up our control to a God when we can do everything all by ourselves. Pride is the source of almost all sin and can separate you from God as long as you will allow it.

Lastly the enemy is constantly trying to fight God for your soul. There is always spiritual warfare going on for where you will end up in the end. The Devil wants us to get stuck in the trenches of resentment, pride, fear, and grudges.The more time that you dwelling on these thoughts the easier it is to separate you from God. 

So what are we to do as Christians? We release to God what is already His. God is in control as it says in Job 12:10 “In his hand is the life of every living thing and the breath of all mankind”. He tells you not to fear, Isaiah 41:10 “Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”. He asks us to forgive, Ephesians 4:32 “Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.”. God controls all of the things around us, there is no reason to fear. He forgave us, so we must forgive those who have hurt us. When we release our worry,our fear, our control and our strongholds our chains break free. It takes the things away that were blocking us from God. We are able to hear Him in our lives and move forward in the direction He has planned. A weight is lifted as you are not alone in your walk.Just by doing this it changed my walk with God and it can change your as well.The question stands however, are you ready to release your burdens. fear and grudges in order to give Him control?

What are some of things you struggle with giving up control on?

Love always.

Emily Grace



Why the rush?

Give thanksIt’s that time of year again. The time of year that family comes together again, the coolness returns the air and drinking the hot drinks at Starbucks becomes a necessity again. I can not even lie to you, this is my favorite time of year, I love fall and winter. I love the cold air, the activities, the festiveness and getting together with those I love.

That all being said I also love to take things one holiday at a time. Thanksgiving is less then two weeks away and yet everywhere I turn it is all about Christmas already or about Black Friday. Don’t get me wrong here, Christmas is my favorite holiday and I go Black Friday shopping every year because I don’t like to spend a ton of money ever. However what happened to Thanksgiving?

My mom spends all day cooking for my whole family. She pours every ounce of her love into the food she makes that day. She goes out of her way to make sure we all had a dish that we love at that table, to show how much she loves us and is thankful for us. Now imagine that I totally disregard her and decide that I’m going to just go shopping all day on Thanksgiving (which the mall near us is trying to push.) The hurt that she would have could not be explained.

This is a growing problem that I see around us. I see that Thanksgiving is getting pushed more aside every year, but why does that matter so much? I feel that it shows how out of touch we truly are. We focus so much on Christmas that we forget about Thanksgiving and it’s meaning. Thanksgiving is about being thankful for the things we already have, for our families, for our health and for the God that loves us so much. We are becoming an ungrateful people, ones more focused on the material that we own then the material in our own hearts. We are losing site on why the holiday was even started and why we celebrate it all.

So my suggestion for this year is that at least on Thanksgiving we focus on the family and friends we have. To be thankful. To take a break from the Christmas shopping and enjoy some amazing food. After that when you go out shopping I promise that your mindset will be different on Black Friday.

What does Thanksgiving mean to you and your family? How do you try to preserve the thankfulness on that day?

Love always,

Emily Grace

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