Finding God in Pop Music

I love music. I love listening to it through out my day as I do everything from cooking to cleaning. It’s something that I just have in my everyday life. What a lot of people don’t realize is that I have a very wide variety of music that I love. I love everything from Country to Sinatra. If it’s a mostly appropriate song with minimal cuss words I will like it, this goes for even some pop songs. As I listen to these songs and to the lyrics that they have sometimes I hear a different meaning then what they may have been intended for but in a good way. There was one song that truly caught my attention in this way. The choice may shock a couple but I believe that it actually can show how God feels about us, particularly before we even become Christians.

*Warning there is some sexualized content and hints at nudity in this video. Digression is advised*

Now I’m sure that most of you are looking at that and say how could that song possibly even promote God’s love for us and for the lost? It’s a dance song with a risque video that I don’t even feel comfortable watching. I know that I personally have a hard time watching some of that video. The dancing parts are pretty cool but the rest does make me uncomfortable. This is important though so hold on to those thoughts for just a couple of minutes and I promise it will all make sense.

Now I felt all those same feelings that I said earlier. One thing that stuck out to me though, the lyrics don’t match anything else. It doesn’t match the music, the dancing, or the video. Sure it’s a catchy song that I personally love but it doesn’t make a lot of sense. It’s very personal lyrics matched up with this very impersonal dance music. This bugged me for a while until I found this next version and suddenly it all made sense.

This version is so pretty, so intimate and so much more fitting to the lyrics. Now watch it again and envision God singing/saying this to a person who doesn’t know Him yet. Listen to how intimate it is. How much He loves us. How he sees the pain that we each go through, that he sees it. He doesn’t blame us for how confused we are at times. He doesn’t blame those who come from hard backgrounds of abuse or being abandoned. How people from those situations might have a hard time believing in a love that He can offer.

God just “Wants to be the one that reminds us what it is to smile” and “to love us till we learn to love ourselves”. How beautiful is that? It’s something that actually brings tears to my eyes. Now how does this song go from a dance club mix to one that truly can show someone how God loves them? Well that’s the problem in our society, often we rely on other people to fulfill the things that only God can. We put the pressure on the boyfriend/girlfriend to fix everything like in the first video. We make it an upbeat happy song to hide the deepness of what a person is really looking for. The lyrics don’t fit that.

They fit the fact that a person can’t fix all of our problems. It’s God that does that. While yes this video also a boy singing to a girl (and they do date in the show) it’s different. He is also singing to everyone else in the room and you can see their reactions too. This is exactly what God does for us. You see the people that hear it and smile because they already know it and love it. You see her because this is her first time hearing it and it’s overwhelming for her because she didn’t know that kind of love was even possible. You also see those that doesn’t care what He has to say to them. This video and song have such a profoundness to me that when I look at as God serenading us I really do cry.

It’s amazing where you can find God’s voice. Are there any songs that you have heard that has made a profound impact on your life?


Much Love .

Emily Grace


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