Young Modesty 1/13/14

Hey Everyone!

I hope everyone has been having a good week and has recovered from the holiday season pretty well. It was a long one for my family but it was so worth it. It has been a busy season for my family as we opened a restaurant two days before Christmas. We have been working 6 days a week doing it but we know that this is exactly what God called our family to do in this season. That being said I plan to post more often in the coming weeks as we get our schedule settled and get into a routine. 


We have had the strangest weather this past week. Last Tuesday it was only 7 degrees outside with a windchill of about -15. It was so cold our kitchen sink froze. Then this past Saturday we went up to the 60’s. Now on this coming Wednesday we are going down into the 20’s and getting snow.


So I have had to be creative with my clothing this past week. I wore this on one of the cooler days that I for the most part stayed inside. It kept me very warm and I was able to run errands no problem. I love this skirt. It has an awesome flow to it and works for both winter and summer. I wore fleeced lined leggings underneath it to add extra warmth and it worked.

ImageI also want to give a shout out to my wonderful Grandfather John. Today is his birthday! His is a loving grandfather to me and my sister Lexi as well as to my cousin Vincent who is to be born later this month. With out his help we would have never been able to open our restaurant which is one of the many reasons he is a blessing to us. 


Here is an extra little picture. Lexi has enjoyed the restaurant as well. 🙂

What I wore:


Shirt:Rue 21

Skirt: Zulily

Boots: Rue 21

Fleece Lined Leggings: Zulily

How did you stay warm in the super cold last week?

Much love,

Emily Grace








2 thoughts on “Young Modesty 1/13/14

  1. Adorable outfit! I’m not young but I dress modestly, I always wear tights in the winter but have never worn the fleece lined leggings or tights…I think I would die!!!! Are they not hot?? Anything with the words “fleece lined” make me sweat to think about it, lol. Correct me if I am wrong but they sound terribly warm!! 🙂 I love my tights but that is as warm as I want to get! Love your blog, you are an inspiration to young women! ♥

    • Thank you so much!! I am naturally cold most of the time and so winter (though I love it) is extra cold to me. The fleece lined is only something I wear if I’m going to be outside a lot or it’s below 40 degrees, because it can get hot when your inside where it’s warm. I would agree that tights would do it just fine if your inside all day. Thank you so much!

      Emily Grace

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