A Frozen Mistake

It is absolutely freezing down here. Living in Georgia, it may get cold for a few weeks out of the year but rarely do we ever get the weather to go below 0 degrees. The past couple of days have been frigid, going with the wind chill to -15 degrees last night. I can’t remember it being this cold down here in a long time. As you can imagine the south freaks out in this weather. I mean freaks out in the most literal term. People drive like a blizzard is coming, the stores are a mad house and all of the shelves are cleared of any basic necessities.School has been canceled two days in a row now. The radio stations were all issuing warnings of frozen pipes. Reminding people to drip water in their pipes over night to prevent them freezing.

My family however doesn’t act like this. My father lived in Connecticut for almost a decade and has seen far colder and snowier. I also lived there for a time with family that I have there. I walked to and from school everyday for a year in weather like or worse than this.My Grandfather that lives with us was raised in rural West Virgina where he tells stories of walking to school in colder weather up hill both ways. So hearing that this weather was coming my family was not worried at all. We made sure that all of our animals were safe with the cold weather and that was about all we did to prepare.

Well through all of our combined experience that we had, we still managed to make an over site. We forgot to drip water down our pipes to prevent them from freezing. As you can guess our kitchen sink is frozen now and we wont be able to get any water till it thaws tomorrow (hopefully). How could we forget that when we knew better?We were even reminded that we needed to do this. Well isn’t that something that we as humans do all the time? God tells us His plans for us and what we need to do to follow His plan. However we don’t always follow His plan. We know better then some of the thing but we do them anyway and then are surprised when it blows up in our faces. We know the outcome of these events but we expect them to change because we are the one doing it.

This isn’t a new phenomenon though. Samson knew that he was not to share the secret to his power. He knew that it would lead to his down fall but he told Delilah anyway. This led not only to his arrest but also his own death (Judges 16 1-31). He knew better but when she betrayed him, he was shocked.  David, the famous king David, also made this mistake. David was the man after God’s own heart yet he as well suffered this fate. He became both an adulterer and murder in his lust over his lover Bathsheba (Second Samuel 2:11). Israel time and time again turned away from God. They knew that His was the only way and yet they tried be the Lord in their own life.

Why is it that we as humans we always seem to do this? We are not perfect. We are humans. We make mistakes. We think we know what is best for us. We think we have all the information ( like how to not freeze out pipes when it’s cold outside). We in reality don’t know everything. We make mistakes and we turn from God’s hands sometimes. It is in our human nature. This is something that we will battle all of our lives.

So what do we do? We need to trust into God’s knowledge and His plan for us. When we follow God’s plans for us we very rarely have things blow up in our face. Also accept God’s forgiveness. If you turn away from God’s plan for us such as David did, you mess things up. David ended up murdering his lover’s husband. When he returned to God he was given forgiveness. Understand that even when you receive forgiveness that you will still have to face the consequences. Just because you have been forgiven doesn’t mean that you will get out of the consequences. Our pipes will remain frozen and have the possibility of bursting now. Samson lost his eyes and eventually died.

When we listen to God we prosper as all His plans are for our own good but when we turn away we bring trouble upon ourselves. Do you have any stories of making a mistake despite knowing better (like freezing your sink)?

Much love and stay warm!\

Emily Grace


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