Why the constantly “New kid” needs Jesus.

Everyone who went to school has met a few of those kids that moved to the school for only a year or so and then moved again. This could be the Navy brats, those whose parents worked jobs that moved around a lot in general or those kids whose parents have a gypsy soul that never truly settled anywhere they lived.

I moved a lot as a child. I would have to say I have moved over 15 times in my life and I am only 19. I attended 5/6 elementary schools, 2 middle schools and 3 high schools. I know those numbers seem crazy. Believe me they sound crazy to me as well. Sometimes we moved for good  reasons, such as my mother was married to a man in the Navy and we followed him to his new base a couple of times when I was little. Other times we moved not for the best reasons on my mothers side. Through it all though, I know what it’s like to move across country, across the state and what it is like to leave everything you have ever known behind.

I have started at new schools over and over. I have walked into the class while it’s still in session and had everyone stare at me like they do in the movies. I have had to struggle to make new friends everywhere that I went, made doubly because until middle school I was painfully shy. I have had to learn all new school cultures, curriculum and try to find friends. I would come into the middle of the year at some of these schools and be completely backwards to how the school before was and be at the same time be far behind in their curriculum with the possibility to not be able to catch up.   

Can I tell you how tired this life made me. It made me antsy. It made it so that if I was in one place for more then two years I felt the need to move again, which still plagues me to this day. I was tired of having to start over. Of moving everything in the house and having to give away my stuff cause there was no room. I don’t have very many mementos from my childhood as they would get lost in each move that we went through. I was so tired on never having consistency and not having a true home. I don’t have a real hometown as I never stayed long enough anywhere to get that title really.

Many would never think that this would affect a child who grows up in this type of situation. It shapes how you view a home, as I can never really say that I have found a true home yet. Not here on Earth anyway. I love my family and I still live with my dad but this isn’t home. I still get that feeling that I should be packing my bags and driving across the country to something new. It may sound silly but I felt like I didn’t have a true identity. I felt like I didn’t belong in any particular place. I had no idea about a real home, that was until I met God.

See Jesus has brought us into His home. He has given us each a home with Him for the rest of all eternity. See when Jesus came down not only did He save us from the sin that we have committed against Him but also offered a place with Him for all of eternity. He has a constant enough love to invite to live with Him forever.

That was a hard offer for me to understand before I became a believer. I had grown up in a home of non-consistency, both with moving but also how my mother was. I couldn’t understand the idea that I would have a forever home. You see though that it was exactly what I needed. I needed a place that I could always call home and Jesus provided that to us. 

However it is not just the constantly moving children or adults need. It is something that everyone in the world needs to hear. To understand that no matter what we do or where we go in our lives there is a God that loves us beyond belief that wants to share His existence with. He wants to be our rock and consistency in this life that changes everyday. See this isn’t our real home. This is temporary. We will one day be with the God of all ages. So I guess at that point we are all the “New kid”. We all need a home that will never move and never leave. It will always be there waiting for us to come home. To the home we were created for.


Much love,

Emily Grace



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