Why I choose to wear skirts.

Years ago I never would have pictured myself the way that I am now. I would have never thought myself to be a devout Christian, forsaking what a lot of people my age are involved and I never would have guessed that I would be going on the path of wearing skirts full time.  The place and background I came from would have ever made me think that I would have turned out this way. I am so grateful for the life that I have now and the choices that I have made including switching over to wearing skirts full time. One thing that surprised me was the amount of questions that I have been getting since I began the process of switching over.


(Both are from about 3 years ago, one showing too much leg and the other cleavage. Also forgive the toilet in the picture)

I grew up in a non-Christian home. I had no real idea who God was until I was already in my teens. I acted as the typical girl of my age: immodest, crude and bending the rules. I got myself into some trouble and eventually found myself in a church. I felt drawn to the idea of church and to this God that I knew nothing of except the harshness that He showed those who followed Him. I couldn’t understand the girls my age in the church, dressing so modestly. While the idea of modesty varied with the girl, the answer to why they dressed as such was “For my God” or “Because the Bible says so”. Can I be honest how much that put me off as a 14 year old. Why would I want to follow a God that restricted what kind of clothes I could wear. So what if I chose to show too much skin or show some cleavage? It was my body and I had the right to decide what I wanted to do with it.

Here I was though, sitting in a church surrounded by people that I didn’t understand. As I sat there over the coming months though I learned a lot. I learned a lot about everything, particularly the God that I had been pushing away for so long. Needless to say I committed my life to Christ that year and continued to learn about my place with the Lord. However over the next couple years I struggled with what my relationship with Christ had to do with the clothes that I chose to wear. So I went on wearing the same things that I always have.

There were two things that truly shook and changed my faith as well as what I chose to wear. During this time I felt drawn toward these blogs of modest women who home schooled, ran their households and wore skirts full time. I became fascinated with it and interested that they were still able to do everything that they had to do during the day. It didn’t completely click until I saw the Duggars. I saw how the girls in their family were not only be able to do everything that they needed to do but also looked fashionable and young at the same time. It provided me with the knowledge of what it could look like. The second thing was the fact that I actually was told that someone didn’t know I was a Christian. If that is not a wake up call for a Christian I don’t know what is. Being told that my behavior caused someone to question my following of Christ is a big deal and it changed everything. 

The older Duggar girls.

I understood then that the way I acted not only influenced how people looked at me but also how they viewed God. My acting immodest reflected back on God. I also learned that immodesty is not just dress but how you act. It opened my eyes to a whole new way to look at things. At that point I began on taming my tongue and acting more polite. I began to chose my clothes a little carefuller from then on, but was not full skirts.

The full skirts came about a year ago I began to change over to them. By this point I had studied modesty and learned that everyone had their own definition within the Church. I tried to find mine. As I  prayed with God I felt Him leading me toward wearing skirts full time. I made the choice to follow His lead and have not regretted it. I feel so much more comfortable now. I don’t worry about people seeing anything I don’t want them to and feel better in my own skin. He granted me confidence. I feel free to be present in what I do and with the people I have around. He asked us to be modest one so He could free us but also to show Him obedience as well as love. By following this simple wish that He had for me I show my love and respect for Him.

So why is it that I dress in skirts? One: I reflect how people look at God. Two: He asked us to stay modest in both our behavior and clothing. This shows both obedience and love for the Lord. Three: It’s far more comfortable and freeing then anything you could ever know. Am I saying that everyone has to dress this way? Absolutely not. This is between you and God. I have no right to judge as we determine the line of modesty for ourselves. For some it is just wearing loose jeans and for some it is wearing skirts full time. I think the most important thing is the heart behind it. If the heart shows modesty then it will shine through you.


How do you define modesty?


Much Love,

Emily Grace



23 thoughts on “Why I choose to wear skirts.

  1. Hello Emily! This was an excellent post! My story is a little like yours except I was raised in a Christian home and accepted Christ as a very young child. I was raised also with modesty but I could wear shorts finger length, loose jeans, but no sleeveless shirts. But as I grew older I began to compromise on my standards not only dress but in music, movies, speech, and began to get that “girl power” attitude (do you know what I mean?). I was still polite but i thought i was still within the will of God. God did some major wake up calling in my life (which that can be a whole long book). He used the Duggars in my life too to remind me that He is my first true love and if i truly loved Him that my speech,dress,attitude, and what i watch/listen to should reflect it. I like you had people questioning my salvation. Very humbling, convicting, and heartbreaking feeling that.

    I’ve been skirts only for about 2 years but i do have to wear jeans at my hog farming job. I’ve been also trying to figure out how to ride my horses safely in a skirt. I don’t regret my decision to obey Him in all that He has shown me. Yes i get the questions and stares but i don’t mind it as im more confident and free than ever before. The joy that I’ve found in Him is worth it all. 😀

    Feel free to email anytime I’d love to chat with you:)

    • Hey Bekah!
      Your testimony was so awesome to hear! I definitely see the parallels between our stories. It’s amazing how much God can move in your life and that you can change in a matter of a couple years. I can understand not wearing a skirt while working on a farm as it could be dangerous. I only don’t wear a skirt when I am doing serious cleaning in my family restaurant. I can do most anything in skirts but when I clean there I need complete mobility while handling hot grease and such. He makes it all worth it for sure!

      Emily Grace
      I would love to chat some time as well. 🙂

  2. Thank you for replying! Your testimony was a blessing to me! There are not many young ladies I know that have the same convictions as I do but it’s always nice to “meet” others online :). You can also find me on Facebook under Bekah McCullars. May God bless you as you obey and leave all the consequences to Him.

  3. It’s so great that you have been able to define your own standard of modesty at a young age. I am 25 and have three children, two of which are girls, and have recently been feeling convicted over being more conscious of how I dress especially since that will impact my daughters as they grow. We are in the process of converting to skirts full time. I am just slowly replacing our pants with skirts as we can afford it, and I’m really feeling the “freedom” that you spoke about. 🙂 Thanks for your post. ~Cameron

    • Thank you for your comment Cameron! I am always glad to met other people who feel this way. I understand though that it is expensive to switch over, particularly when you have two little ones to get new stuff for as well.

      Emily Grace

  4. What a beautiful story! They say sanctification is a process and your life is evidence of that. It is He that is changing you slowly over time and that is the most beautiful and permanent changing that can ever happen!
    I’m a homeschooling mama of three and while I still own two pair of jeans, I mostly wear skirts as well. I do find they are more comfortable and you look nicer and more feminine wearing them. That being said, whatever one wears, I love your statement, “If the heart shows modesty then it will shine through you.” because it’s the heart that the Lord is most concerned about.
    Blessings to you today!!

    • Thank you so much for your comment! He most certainly shaped me over time and looking back on it I am very glad He did. I own one pair of jeans at this point which have been my safety net but I’m converting those to a skirt next week.

      God Bless you

      Emily Grace

  5. I like your point that you are seeking God’s guidance for YOU and not telling everyone to wear only skirts.

    My neighborhood is about 20% Orthodox Jews, and the females always wear skirts. But one day at the playground, I saw an Orthodox mother with 5 daughters, all of them wearing skirts except the youngest, who was around 18 months old. I was sure she was a girl because of her pink flowered shirt and little ponytails with bows, and because they were calling her Shaina, but she was wearing pants. Eventually the mom started chatting with me, so I asked about the pants. She said, “Well, skirts are modest when you keep them in place, but every time Shaina wears a skirt, she picks it up and waves it around! Even with pants underneath, that’s not a modest gesture. So for her it’s more modest to wear pants until she’s older and learns how to behave in a skirt.” I thought that made a lot of sense!

    • That makes a lot of sense Becca. I truly feel that modesty is more then the clothing but also your hear as well as actions. An eighteen month old would not yet have that understanding. Thank you for sharing that!

      Emily Grace

  6. I am 47 yrs old and you are such an inspiration to me. Your life is a testimony of God’s grace, mercy and lovingkindness. I pray that you would keep yourself in every way for the man God has chosen for you and that you would be a wife that your husband may rejoice with all the days of his life as you do him good and not evil, trusting God and looking continually to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.

    grace and peace,

  7. Thank you for sharing! I feel that so many blog about this are older ladies so it is refreshing to hear it from a young lady’s perspective. I pray that other young ladies realize that dressing modestly is appropriate for all ages!

    • Thank you for your comment! I have to agree with you that there are not a lot of women my age that feel the same way as I do about modesty. I hope that more will realize it as well.

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  9. Hi, Emily. It’s so interesting to read your story. I was raised wearing skirts only, and still do. I was and still am a tomboy, hunter, and farmer. Skirts never inhibited me from outrunning the boys, playing ball, climbing trees and riding horses and four-wheelers. Christ saved me as a young child, and I can testify that obedience to Jesus brings freedom and confidence. I am 25, and have 2 lovely children. My mom always encouraged me that modesty would attract the right kind of mate. She was right, I’ve been married for 6 years to a man who loves and respects me. So to all you unmarried girls, don’t fall for the lie that you have to compromise your modesty to get a man to think you’re attractive. btw. I make jean skirts. My shop name on Etsy and Zibbet is ReDreamJean

    • Thank you so much for your comment an telling me about your story. I have learned that I can do most everything in a skirt. The encouragement that sticking to morals to find the right mate is awesome. I really appreciate it. I looked at your shop on Etsy and loved your skirt you made. I hope to buy one from you in the future.

      Emily Grace

  10. Hey, I came across your blog from the Modest Monday linkup!! I just want to say that I am proud of you because of your age and commitment to the Lord. I am older than you, but I have suffered the same disobedience as you. I am not completely there with dressing in skirts full time, but most days around 98% of the time I am wearing a skirt. The other 2% I am wearing sweatpants or yoga pants. God Bless you!!


    • Thank you for your comment! I will have to say that I do wear sweat pants in certain situations as they make it easier. But I am in skirts most of the time as well.

      Emily Grace

  11. Hi Emily! I loved reading your post! You are a lovely light in the world shining for God. If you don’t mind me asking, what church denomination do you belong to? I’m just curious. God’s Peace to you.

  12. Dear Emily Grace!
    I am SO thankful for your powerful testimony! You are beautiful, and I am impressed with your growth and maturity in the Lord in such a short time. Would you please link up this post (If you have not already linked-up to Deep Roots at Home last Wednesday). I would like to feature your post. Thank you and God bless you richly!

    • Thank you so much for your comment! I have been following your blog for a while now and am very honored to get your notice. I did link up to last weeks link-up and would love to be featured by you. Thank you so much!

      Emily Grace

  13. Hi Emily,

    My name is Katie and I stumbled on your blog. I was raised in a non-christian household and still live at home. (which is a struggle to find someone of faith to talk to) I’m 26 and for the past couple years have felt drawn to church and Christ but have struggled to find a church. I’ve always had a interest in why women choose to wear skirts all the time and feel drawn to it like this is something I should be doing.

    I just wanted to tell you your blog made me feel like its okay to think this way and I’m not only in thinking this way. Thank you

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