Do you show love?




I am going to be totally honest with everyone on here, I probably spend way too much time on the internet during the day. I get my stuff done all day and work all day. By the time I get home I just want to relax and that usually involves the internet. However I recently got the privilege to use my time on the internet to do some good and shed some light on what Christianity is for a person. 

When I am on the computer I usually end up going to all sorts of different websites, reading and commenting on whatever posts I come across. I happened to come across a website that features a lot of funny content from all over the internet and if you have it on the safe setting then it is safe for pretty much anyone over the age of 14 from what I have seen. While scrolling through this website I came across a post that was discussing Christianity.

While reading through the comments I found one person was particularly angry and very hateful towards Christians. I felt like I needed to reach out to this person. I did just that and as I talked to him, he became more civil towards me. The more that I talked to him the more that he explained why he had acted the way that he had before. He had been treated very badly by multiple Christians in the past, who had judged him and didn’t even bother to talk to him about what they believed.  I tried to be as kind to him as possible and answer any questions that he had. By the end of the conversation he told me that he had learned more about Christianity in the couple of messages we interchanged then with every other conversation he had ever had.

At the end of the of the conversation I both felt excited for the change I made in someones walk with God but also a sense of hurt as well. This person had been thrown off of a walk with God because of how someone had treated them. Not just anyone but a Christian. That hurt me to think that someone would treat someone like that and yet still claim to know the God that I know. As a Christian we are called to be like Christ. Christ when he came in contact with a sinner who was outside the faith never approached with the attitude of anger or hatred. 

Christ responded to everyone with love out of His heart. He even as he was being crucified responded with love. He not only forgave those who were killing Him but asked forgiveness for them as they did not understand what they were doing at the time. Beyond that He always explained to people why they needed to accept Him. He never merely old them that they were going to hell but also gave them parables to help them understand the choice that they had to make. He made it so that it was still their choice but also that when they talked about Him they would always remember that He was different then anyone they had ever met before and that He always lived up to the words that He had said.

We as Christians are called to live like Christ. We are called to respond in love and grace in all things. We are to forgive. We are to never be the reason why someone was chased away from the love of God because we couldn’t be the example of what it looks like. If we can’t show that love to them then how do we know that they will accept the love and offer of God.

How do you show your love to those around you? Any stories that you would like to share?

Much Love,

Emily Grace



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