Beyond the Screen

It is amazing the technology that we have now a days. I know that is pretty common knowledge but it really hit me while I was at the airport yesterday. I flew up to Connecticut to spend some time with my family and it took just at two hours to fly. It only took two hours to fly about a thousand miles. Thinking about that just boggles my mind. I believe it hits me so much because I have done that drive. I have done the drive from Connecticut to Georgia a couple of times. It takes at least 24 hours to do that drive. All that gets condensed into a short two hour flight. 

It amazes me how easy it is to communicate now a days, to be able to connect with those around you. You can call people from anywhere, video chat with them from anywhere and be able to make trips to see them that just over a hundred years ago it took months to do. I could take my cell phone and talk to me sister while she was in Germany for her band. 

Yet I am beginning to notice something that is happening in our culture and I don’t just mean in my generation. I am noticing it with people who are twice my age as well. We have all this amazing technology to talk to people whenever and wherever we want to. Yet we have such a hard time to connect. We have no problem texting people or possibly  talking to people but when we get face to face we freeze. We are losing our ability to just talk to each other with out a screen between us. 

Its amazing to me when I go out to dinner with friends how many people are on their cellphones instead of talking to people. I’ve seen people on dates completely ignoring each other while texting someone else. Now I’m not going to lie and say that I have never struggled with some of those problems but I have seriously trying to combat that. 

I think there is only one way to be able to combat this problem. We need to put our phones down a little more. There are a variety of ways to do this. My family has made the dinner table a no text zone, but if you get a call you are excused to answer it. I have heard of groups making a game out of it. They put all of their cellphones in the center of the table and whoever touched their phone first has to pay for the whole table. We need to focus on those who we are with now and not the text messages or games (which I’m guilty of). It’s about the priorities that we have. 


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